Jenever was originally produced by distilling malt wine. Herbs were added for better flavor. The juniper berry, jeneverbes in Dutch, was used for its alleged medicinal benefits. There are two types of jenever: oude (old) and jonge (young). This is not a matter of aging, but of distilling techniques. Around 1900, it became possible to distill a high-grade type of alcohol almost neutral in taste, independent of the origin of the spirit. Oude jenever must contain ‘at least’ 15% malt wine, but no more than 20 g of sugar per litre. Jenever distilled from grain and malt only is labelled Graanjenever. Korenwijn is a drink very similar to the 18th-century-style jenever, and is often matured for a few years in an oak cask.


2 cl Cherry Heering 5 cl Jenever 2 cl Lime juice 2 cl Simple syrup 1 dash Angostua Bitters Shake …